My husband and I are from Kansas City area so we may just be bbq snobs.
However, we were crazy unsatisfied with our dinner. My husband ordered their “smoked” ribs. They were most likely baked. They had zero smoked flavor. Their baked beans tasted like a very tomato-ey chili. Their “creamed corn” tasted canned with a thickener thrown in and some additional spices. Also, I’m not sure where to begin on their “BBQ sauces”. I’ve never seen a Carolina sauce be clear even though it is a sauce with a lot vinegar. Their king spicy sauce was just a seeded mustard with horseradish. The honey boo-booQ was a mix of said seeded horseradish mustard with the Kansas City sauce mixed together. FINALLY, under no circumstances is honey nut cream cheese mashed in a panini maker between two slices of white bread considered “a pouch of toasty goodness” from what the description read.

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